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Grundtvig, Partnership, Lifelong Learning Programme (2010-2012)
Coordinator – The National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion, Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine

General aims:

  • increasing parents` ability to prevent and deal with cyberbullyingu as well as developing skills to teach children safe Internet Osage
  • encouraging adults to make use of modern communication technologies
  • developing a database of research and examples of good practices that will increase the competence of parents in regard to cyberbullying
  • developing cooperation and exchange of experiences among practitioners, researchers and parents in dealing with cases of cyberbullying.

Here you can find a toolbox for parents concerning cyberbullying guidelines: TOOLBOX

More information about the project you can find here: http://www.wecan.altervista.org/

Thessaloniki meeting

On 4-6 of June, under the project entitled „We CAN! Cyberbullying Action Network for Parents` Education (CAN)”  the last partners` meeting took place in Thessaloniki (Greece).

Group of participants consisted of representatives of the partners from Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Polish and a group of Italian and Lithuanian parents.

Thessaloniki meeting participants

During the first two days participants were summarizing the whole project, discussing plans for the future and preseted results from field trial in 4 countries.

Prof. Hariton Polatoglou (Greece) and coordinator representatives  dr. Piotr Plicha and Kamila Knol-Michałowska

Prof. Hariton Polatoglou, dr Piotr Plichta, dr Zivile Jonyniene and parents` representative – Augusto Collini have taken part in the radio program. They were discussing traditional bullying and cyberbullying issues. The broadcast is available on the website: http://fysikamagika.blogspot.gr/2012/06/23-on-air.html

Prof. Hariton Polatoglou, dr Piotr Plichta and Augusto Collini in the radio station

On the last day of the meeting in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki the conference for parents took place.

Conference poster

Parents from Lithuania presented their experience and knowlegde about cyberbullying prevention and intervention

Dr Zivile Jonyniene and dr Jurate Skupiene from  Lithuania presented information about cyberbullying prevention

Dr Piotr Plichta from Poland and his presentation entitled „What do parents of intelectually disabled students know about their children ICT usage – younfg people`s point of view

Prof. Hariton Polatoglou and  Anthoula Maidou raised the issue of dignity and new media

Kamila Knol-Michałowska developed the topic concerning positive prevention and intervention strategies in cyberbullying

dr Simone Masala developed a role play game for parents regarding cyberbullying prevention

Below are available presentations from the conference:
A. Maidou, H.Polatoglou-Dignity pupils parents
A. Maidou, V. Gountsidou, Th . Pierratos, V. Koltsakis and H.M. Polatoglou-Presentation of workshop

K. Knol-Michałowska, P. Plichta – Polish Workshop for parents
P.Plichta-What do parents of intellectually disabled students know about their children ICT usage

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