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The EU Public Health Programme (2005-2008)

In April 2006, the seventh trans-European initiative of the ENWHP, the “Move Europe” project, was started. Under the leadership of the NCO from Italy (ISPESL/University of Perugia), a total of 25 member countries participated in the three-year campaign aimed at the dissemination of good practices in the fi eld of lifestyle-oriented WHP. The relevance of the presented issues are clear in the face of the worldwide increase in prevalence rates of chronic diseases (heart and other organ diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, depression, …) Thus, the WHO estimates that without specially aimed measures, the number of deaths related to chronic diseases will increase worldwide by 17 percent between 2005 and 2015 (cf. WHO, 2005a: 34).

The table illustrates the estimated disease burden in DALYs (disability adjusted life years5), as well as the estimated number of deaths due to the main chronic (non-communicable) diseases for the WHO Europe Region (52 countries) for the year 2005. These diseases cause 86 percent of all deaths and 77 percent of the disease burden.

File to download:  MoveEurope

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