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Prophylactic Programme for the Prevention of Addiction to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Psychoactive Substances (SPPW)


Promoting Healthy Work for Employees with Chronic Illness – Public Health and Work (PH Work)


European Workplace and Alcohol (EWA)

Mental Health Promotion Handbooks (MHPHands)

We CAN! Cyberbullying Action Network for Parents` Education (CAN)


Maximising employee performance by minimising the impact of substances in the workplace (MEPMIS)


Promotion of immunization for health professionals in Europe (HProImmune)

Strengthening transversal competences of low educated employees concerning their health choices in the context of changing labour market (LEECH)


Guidelines for the Prevention of Obesity at the Workplace (GPOW)

Workplace Health Management for Older Workers (WHM-Ageing)

Translating Lisbon recommendations into an e-learning program for Occupational Safety & Health Specialists – Workplace Health Promotion as a mean for reaching enhanced competitiveness (ELWHP)


Development of a European Work-Related Health Report and Establishment Of Mechanisms for Dissemination and Co-operation in the Acceding and Candidate Countries (WORKHEALTH II)

Move Europe – A Campaign for the Improvement of Lifestyle-Related Workplace Health Promotion in Europe (Move Europe)

Health in the World of Work – Prolonging Healthy Working Years (HWW)

Workplace Health Promotion, National Health Polices and Strategies in an Enlarging Europe (WHP in Europe)

Development Of Structures For Dissemination Of Good Practice In The Field Of Workplace Health Promotion In The Acceding And The Applicant Countries (Dragon Fly)


Healthy Work in an Ageing Europe (HWAEurope)


Healthy Workplaces Project – European Partnership on Tobacco Dependence (HWPTobacoo)

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